Our first release is set in august

Project Germania Inferior (yes, we still don’t have a sensible name for this!) is planned to be released as a beta for Android somewhere in august. The iOS version will probably follow quickly after that. More info on this just before the release. 🙂

New project!

Long time no see, but we have great news! We are working together with the municipality of Simpelveld (a town in the Netherlands) on a new project: a mobile game about the ancient Roman history of the region. We are very excited about this project that is internally dubbed Project Germania Inferior. I have so much to tell you about this game because I am so hyped, but I can’t yet! I can only give you small bits of info:

So, what kind of game will it be?
Because the project is still in an early phase, nothing is set in stone yet. All I can say is that the player will have a role of bridging the gap between today and ancient times. Kind of like time traveling, but different! Am I hard to follow? You’ll just have to wait until we can tell you more!

Germania Inferior? What does that even mean?
That was the name of the Roman province that Simpelveld (and our town!) was part of roughly around 0 – 300 AD.

What will happen to project Actium?
Project Actium will still happen, but because we are only a team of two, we have to shift all of our attention to this new project. Development will continue once Germania Inferior is finished.

More info is coming somewhere in the next month.

Actium rework & what we have learned so far

It has been more than 2 years that we started working on Project Actium, and many things have happened so far. From the early days of sketching in our notebooks to the PixelHeaven booth in Warsaw, we made great steps, and more importantly, we have learned a lot. When we were first starting with Actium, our first project, we had no idea what was coming in our way. From the simplest things like the way we code, every day we were discovering new and better ways of working. That is why we have decided to call our current build a prototype, and start working on new code, from scratch. There are so many things that we can do much better, and we believe that this will eventually save us a lot of headache and debugging in the future! That is why we ask you for a little more patience. The project is still on, and we have even bigger plans that we dared of dreaming before, because of all the new experiences we got during the project. Thank you for your understanding, and as soon as we are ready to show you our new build, we will let you know! Keep checking out our website and follow us on Instagram @nauticalgames. Cheers, and see you next time!